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PuSh Festival // Interview with Holy Body Tattoo's Noam Gagnon

After a ten-year absence, legendary dance company The Holy Body Tattoo returns with a multi-city international tour, starting at Vancouver’s own PuSh Festival. In anticipation of what promises to be an incredible one-night-only performance, SAD Mag spoke with renowned choreographer and Holy Body Tattoo co-founder Noam Gagnon about what to expect from monumental.

The Surfer by Amelia Garvin

High School Poetry // Grammar School

"Do normal women love/ a man’s/ words/ as much as I/ do?" Questions of teenage love and more in this new poem by Megan Jones, with an original illustration by Amelia Garvin. Look for more high school-themed poetry and fiction as we prepare to launch our 20th edition: High School.


Interview // Mu

As SAD Mag puts together the finishing touches on our upcoming High School issue, who better to make a custom mixtape for our readers than Mu, Vancouver’s dream pop chroniclers of youth. Meredyth Cole interviewed the musical duo about everything from making tunes to surviving high school to emulating Drake.


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Vancouver Notables

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